Abigail Green

Photographer. Stylist. Writer.
Denver, Colorado

well hello there!

i’m abigail & i’m so glad you’re here.

here are some spark notes on who i am & what i love:

+ married (& in loveee) with my highschool sweetheart
+ obsessed with thrifting & flea markets
+ the softer the better…hearts, clothes, blankets #cozyeverything
+ my great dane Samson is kinda my BFF
+ neutrals are my color palette
+ kindness > external beauty
+ plants are always a good idea
+ beverage obsessed. coffee, matcha, smoothies…yes please!
+ can always be found in a hat & oversized sweater

people say i have a gift for wordstringing ,image-making & product styling. to put it simply: by nature & by trade, I tell stories through written & visual art. my lifestyle Instagram & website cover topics including relationships, DIYs, plants, travel & fashion. i am a lover of all things beautiful, meaningful, & simple. i share the difficulties of marriage & the joy of slow Saturdays. my online pals know my shadows & my light & thus, they trust me. together my blog & Instagram are an honest, online journal of my days remodeling our home with quality products, cooking new recipes, brewing coffee with loved ones & the list goes on.

my dream is for this digital space to be: vulnerable, hopeful, & true...for i'm not sure how to be anything else.