Abigail Green

Photographer. Stylist. Writer.
Denver, Colorado

Hi there! So glad you came by. Among other things, I believe in that deep kind of laughter that heals our souls a little each time. I believe in slowing enough with curious enough eyes to view the ordinary as extraordinary. I believe in discovering and living out our evolving personal truths during our numbered days here on this mysterious, spinning earth. I am a seeker and a sharer. Life to me, is a treasure hunt for beauty in the mundane—aesthetically, relationally, and emotionally. So here I am, word-stringing, image-making, product-styling, and a whole bunch of less glamorous things, all in efforts to seek and share what my blue, searching eyes can't help but find. The search for beauty is ingrained in me. The sharing of it is equally inevitable.

Whether you are a brand, local maker, or a friend I just haven't met yet...drop me a note about whatever you please. I bet you have real good things to say. I'd love to hear from you or work with you!

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