a sad story, rewritten

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it’s been about 2 weeks since we’ve moved. the morning of our last day in the #greensonolivestreet house, we laid in bed & talked about who we were when we entered this house VS who we are (individually & collectively) as we left the house. we were really, incredibly, painfully disconnected when we first moved in here.

i remember one night when kyle asked what light bulbs he should pick up from home depot & i said “i just can’t even pretend to play house right now when our marriage is in shambles” 😂 (we didn’t get the lightbulbs).

his words to describe how he felt when we first got to olive street were: lonely, confused, sad & detached. guess what? mine were the same.

same feelings of loneliness, but separately processing it all. we were both in our own little dark caves, mourning broken dreams, failed expectations & asking over & over again “what is wrong with me? what is wrong with us?”.

4 years later & we left that house feeling: together, hopeful, restored & imperfect but united. we’re still fumbling through it all. saying sorry A LOT. getting upset, feeling misunderstood & arguing over things like dinner plans 🙈 but that’s really okay. i think that’s the biggest lesson we’ve learned since that move-in date 4 years ago...”it’s okay to be a beginner.” i actually think it’s dangerous to get to the point (in any part of your life) where you stop thinking you have something to learn.

so anyways, here’s a little snapshot of our story & how god has brought us full circle—back to each other, with hearts full of gratitude & hope. like i always say, he is good at rewriting sad stories.