Maroon Bells, CO

Spontaneity is the remedy for routine—the reliever of that mundane feeling that rises within us after too much of the chronic familiar. 

One of my favorite forms of spontaneity is hastily packing a bag and hitting the road. Perhaps to a destination or perhaps just on a whim. Either one bringing a certain liberation—a certain liberation that comes upon me when I just go. 

It was 11pm on a Friday night. There were four of us scattered throughout the living room—each silently sharing the need to just go. Joel had gotten into town from Texas just thirty minutes prior, but our urge to explore overcame any jet-lag. Jody spoke up and presented the idea of driving to Maroon Bells to catch the September-turned Aspen trees. Her idea was met with little hesitation, but rather much agreement. We threw on a couple extra layers and were out the door. 

On the road and on the go. After hours of driving beneath the Colorado stars, we arrived and set up camp in the dark, dark night. Our hammocks as our beds. The wind and crickets as our lullaby. 

After a few short hours, dawn broke and awoke us. I opened my eyes to a golden ceiling of rustling Aspen leaves—laughing aloud at the beauty and wonder of it all. 

Spontaneity as our shared remedy for routine. 

Below are some shots our friend and co-adventurer, Joel, captured of the time. See the rest of his images here.