Stories of Storytellers // Taylor Tippett

Taylor & I connected through Instagram about a month ago. She commented on one of my photos saying something like... "I just want to be friends". So, I direct messaged her and said "Then let's be friends!". The friendship progressed rather organically. I felt God place her on my heart every day of the week after that. I began to pray for her and tell her specifically what God was leading me to pray for. It was no coincidence because just a short time after...I received a mid-afternoon, heart-acheing text of difficult news she just received. The news bringing me clarity on why God was having me pray for the things that I was! Though many, many miles apart—a friendship was forming—a seed planted. Taylor came to Denver this past week and that friendship was watered, and grown even further. She's got a lot of light and a lot of story in that heart of hers. I'm so looking forward to spending another few days with her when she's passing through the Rockies again in a couple weeks.

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1. Without saying your actual titles, what do you do? What are your roles? Paid or unpaid.

I am a travelin' lady who loves on strangers anywhere from 21,000 feet to 37,000 feet above the clouds. I comfort, secure, and am responsible for the safety and well-being of my passengers—in the short time I am able to spend with them.

2. Joy. Is it a choice, or a feeling that comes upon you?

From the second I awake with the sun each new day—I know and believe whole heartedly that joy is a choice. I believe that we are already invited to live a courageous life where we fight for our joy no matter what storms or battles life throws at us. There have been many trials and battles in my life that I could have so easily defeated me if only I hadn't chosen joy. I decided a while back that I was not going to be a sad story and it has made all of the difference. Joy gives us courage.

3. What are three words you never want to become? Three words you would love to become?

Lukewarm, timid, lazy.

Courageous, whimsical, lionhearted.

4. Creative community. What does this mean to you and look like for you? 

I love people. With every, single fiber of my being I love others. I love their stories, their dreams, and their willingness to be. Creative community is such a good place to be rooted. I love getting plugged in with others who don't want to live a mediocre life—who want to make a difference with their words—who strive to live a life full of stories and adventures. It encourages me and inspires me to be a doer. In all aspects of life. Creative community looks like meeting up with photographers, or a one-on-one day filled with conversation about passions and desires. I just love people in my life who are challenging me and encouraging me to grow. I love the creative community for this.

5. Ramble a little about your presence in the Instagram community. How did you gain it and how do you steward it? 

In all honesty, I have been so blessed to have such a large audience following my travels and reading my words. Even on my worst days, when I post raw experiences and things I'm learning that aren't the easiest, others use words to lift up and encourage me. Instagram is a place where I go to post words and snippets from my travels to encourage others to live fuller and braver. If I'm not encouraging others and inspiring others, what am I doing? I read that and it was tattooed on my insides. I don't want to waste time or words or experiences. Also, a few months ago Instagram featured a series I started called #wordsfromthewindowseat! I've had so many new followers and friends made from Instagram sharing my little hash tag project.

6. What is the greatest strength, as well as the greatest pitfall of the digital age? As a part of this generation, what digital things should we be weary of? How can we preserve face-to-face interactions and tangible memories in a world where so much is behind a screen?

The greatest strength of the digital age is how easy it is to get connected. From finding a place to eat or even to meeting up with a friend from Instagram while traveling, it's so easy to get plugged in and run with it. On the other end, the biggest pitfall in my eyes is how easy we can let it consume us and control our lives. I believe in being present and using social media as a tool to further others and connect with people all over the world. I don't believe in glorifying myself or to meet up with people just to say I did. I want to grow deeper and hear others stories and learn from the time I get to spend with them. It's so so easy to just adventure for pictures or be on your phone the whole time because that's what we are told is acceptable. I think the best way to preserve interactions is to just be present. Challenging ourselves to be different and to live in the now. To make sure we ask questions that challenge and grow and to turn our phones on silent. People matter the most. People are worth it- our phones can wait.

7. Dreamer. Builder. Thinker. Doer. Mover. Observer. Encourager. Giver. Wanderer. Wonderer. Which one(s) are you? Why is your role important?

All of these describe me. I have dreams to open up my own bed & breakfast, as well as write my own book of poetry. I build others up and strive to walk in love while doing so. I also think I am always wandering and exploring. I believe all of these roles are so important to living a life full and free—the way it's supposed to be. We need to be all of these things and even though we fail, we should be striving to dream, encourage, give, love, build, think, do, and wander more. It's how we become the people we want to be. It makes us who we are. It's so important to be always growing. 

8. What is an area you feel unnoticed or underestimated in?

I can't really pinpoint somewhere I feel unnoticed or underestimated in. I'm very open to whatever life throws at me and I'm more than willing to grow and fail as many times as it takes.

9. Living vs. Existing. What’s the difference?

Living is learning and growing through embracing freedom and the life that has been freely given to us. Living is being challenged and meeting new people and not taking a single moment for granted. Existing is wasting time and not living to our full potential. 

10. Lastly & light-heartedly, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

Recently I went to Paris on a 5 day long adventure and I booked an air bnb for the wrong month. Now most people would have been stressed and freaking out, but I couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny because of all the chaos that happened from us trying to figure out why we couldn't get into our room! Being a flight attendant, I never know what day it is or really what month it is so it was so funny that I made such a silly mistake!