DIY Leather Curtain Tabs


After installing excellently made/designed blinds from a number of months ago in all of our windows, I decided it was time for some custom curtains in our living room, in hopes to brighten it up as well as make it feel more open! I began to envision the kind of curtain that would achieve this look, all the while knowing that I wanted to put my own spin on it—DIY leather tabs. Because my previous experience with was so wonderful, I decided to collaborate with them again on this fun project. I was given a personal designer and after receiving different sample fabrics from her, I decided on a set of these beautiful sheer, white draperies from them! The selection, ordering, and shipping process was so seamless and fast.  Sometimes you have a vision for things and it turns out waaaaaay different than you expected. Other times, it turns out as expected or better than expected. This project was definitely the latter! The leather tabs complemented the drapery fabric wonderfully, and the combination of the two complemented the other textures/tones in our house too. Here's how we did it!

What we used:
△ draperies - linked above!
scrap leather from Tandy Leather
leather hole puncher
△ scissors
△ screw driver
△ nickel colored screw posts
Hugad IKEA curtain rod

What we did:
1. Create sample/template leather tab, 2 inches thick. Length depends on how much of a drop from the curtain rod you'd like! Use a pen or marker to draw it out, then cut it.
2. Trace template tab on fresh part of the leather and then cut out. Repeat as necessary! We made 20 total—10 for each curtain panel.  
3. Lay curtain out flat on a clean surface and measure out the spacing for each leather tab. Make a small marking where each one will go. We placed ours about 8 inches apart!
4. With your scissors, cut a small V-shaped hole on each of your markings. This is where the screw posts will go through.
5. Starting on the end, begin screwing leather tabs in place. Set it over the cut hole, so that about 1/2 inch of leather extends onto the drapery from below the hole, and then use your leather puncher to make a whole through both sides of the leather tab. 
6. Insert nickel screw post through all three holes (leather, curtain, leather) and then screw in the backing from behind. Repeat this for each leather tab!
7. Hang your curtain rod using included instructions, and then gently string your curtains onto the rod! Space them out as you prefer. 

Thanks for reading along and feel free to comment with any questions about the process and materials!