how to do an herbal facial steam

herbal facial steams are the new kid on the block.


how to get your facial steam on:
1.  start with a freshly washed face. boil 3 cups of water & pour over 2 tablespoons of herbs + flowers. i make my own blend of:
🌾lavender (decreases inflammation & promotes relaxation) 🌹 rose petals (high in antioxidants & helps skin retain moisture leaving it soft/hydrated) 🌼 calendula flowers (stimulates collagen production) 🌱 nutrient filled nettle leaves 🌿 2 drops of rosemary essential oil (can help protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun & free radicals)
2. cover & let steep for 2 minutes. remove cover & position your face over the bowl while draping a towel over your head to catch the steam! that's where all the good stuff is. you want to let the magic soak into your skin plus breathe it all in.
3. open the sides of the towels if it gets too hot! steam away for 5-10 minutes total, taking deep breathes & rotating your face to get full coverage. follow with toner & moisturizer/face oil 💆🏼
the benefits? deep cleanses your pores. relieves stress. tightens your skin. gives it glow ✨