why you should delete instagram for a day (or a week)


reporting live from my stained sweatshirt, unwashed hair, & ten-times-reheated coffee to remind you to take a break from social media!!!

our brains are not meant to be consuming information on other people’s lives 24/7 at rapid-fire speeds. if you don’t become your own instagram gatekeeper...you will forget to call your close friend on her birthday bc your headspace is so full of instagram stories. you will miss out on a thousand meaningful conversations with your spouse at bedtime bc your attention is glued to a screen instead of their eyes. you will feel more like a distracted robot than a human with a heartbeat. (ask me how i know about these physical + emotional responses to technology overload 🙃)

delete the app for a day or a week! read a book! stare at the trees & marvel at the way they glisten in the wind! imagine the art we could create if we actually let ourselves daydream instead of opening this app every time we have a minute to spare. & on a spiritual level—i wonder how many words of wisdom + love God is trying to whisper to us that we’re simply not hearing bc our digital addiction is so loud? friends, the world will continue spinning if you unplug for a day. & trust me—you will feel like a brand new human 🎉 your real life is wildly, undoubtedly, & outrageously more important than the curated life of strangers. pay attention. no one can do that for you. (as always, only ever preaching to myself 💚)

xoxo, abigail

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